Food for Thought

I like songs, quotes, affirmations, photos, and poetry. I appreciate how meaningful they can be.

There are several ways you can use this section.
– Do a quick scroll through of each page, and click on whatever catches your attention.
– Use the mouse to hover over each image. A few words will appear that briefly describe the image
– Click on any image to see the full content, then click through full-sized images using the arrows on the right or left of the screen.
– You can move between the pages of images by clicking the page numbers at the bottom of the images on the current page

If you enjoy words and images, and you’re curious about coaching, yet you have no idea what you want to focus on, see if something here sparks your imagination.

Some of the themes are “I am enough,” Finding Joy, Nature, Beloved Pets, Kindness, Self-Care, Healing, Relationship, Mental Health, Perspective, Imagining Change, Personal Space, Affirmations, Encouragement, Grief, and Life Lessons. There are also bits of poems, song lyrics, and original photos.

What’s in this section is meant to be encouraging and supportive for you. I hope you’ll find something that speaks to you. Most of these images are ones I’ve seen elsewhere and saved. A few of the images are photos I’ve taken.